Covixyl Nasal Spray


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I have not been sick since I’ve been using this product, and I have been in large crowds.


I like using it it just makes me feel more safe as far as going out in public

Judy H, Hawaii

I purchased my first bottle of Covyxl from a large seller after seeing an advertisement online. I was intrigued with the concept of nasal protection from viruses and bacteria. While application did sting a bit, I used it faithfully while at work and in crowds. I figure it must be somewhat helpful as I was exposed several times to colds, influenza, and COVID and while I was also fully vaccinated, I did not succumb despite being in close proximity to those sick folks. I cannot say Covyxl absolutely prevented illness, but I believe it was another layer of protection for me. I have since purchased more directly from the Covyxl site, and plan to continue. My only suggestion as that instructions could include a picture of the correct angle and depth of nasal insertion. A friend bought some and said she gagged on the spray - she had been inserting it way up her nose. .

Vince O..
I hope it works, gonna find out.

I've been using it., and have of lately been diligently wearing a mask.
Being a musician/instructor I'm around people quite a bit.
I did get covid while using this, but was not wearing a mask.
No issues with shipping or damage.

Teri Tobey
Clears out nose

I got this to fight infection. Not sure if it’s doing that? But after spraying you can’t help but blow your nose, so not sure enough remains to fight off virus and bacteria. ??